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Bed bug treatments start at $499.00

Bed bugs have reemerged as a serious problem in New York City and is increasingly getting worse. This epidemic is a stigma putting many families and businesses in jeopardy of losing everything. Bed bugs are very much a social problem and those inflicted by them agonize whether or not to mention it to friend’s, family or neighbors at the risk of seeming like an outcast.

How Bed Bugs operate

Small, wingless, parasitic, bloodsucking insects that feeds on mammals and especially humans. The bed bug is so named because it often bites humans while they are in bed. Bed bugs, like modern day navy seals, attack with stealth precision and return to base camp in less than an hour — and you never even saw them coming. Bed bugs have built in heat seekers that hone in on your location, sensory organs that detect the carbon dioxide you exhale. The itchy sensation you feel upon waking are the fluids they’ve injected into your blood stream to stop the blood from clotting. Itching, or visible reactions on your skin are the cause of an allergic reaction to the bed bug’s fluids. Bed bugs can survive several months to a year without feeding. They prefer to hide in cracks and crevices along wooden bunk beds, captain beds, platform beds and the underside of dressers, night tables and some toys.

How can I tell if I have Bed Bugs?

There are several tell tale signs of bed bug infestation:

  • Blood spotting on the mattress or pillow
  • Shedding of exoskeleton
  • Visible bites on arms, legs, back or waistline
  • Bites appear in groups of three
  • Neighbors had the problem

If you live in a multiple dwelling unit with 10 or more apartments and a history of infestation, the chances of re-infestation increase if not treated properly. Moving may not be the solution as there is an 80% chance you may bring them with you.

Fallible methods and misconceptions about Bed Bug extermination

Store Bought Products

There is a huge market for bed bug pesticides. However, the Environmental Protection Agency only allows a certain percentage of active ingredients on products sold to the public which means it lacks the same long term killing effect as the products used by licensed professionals. If store bought products worked, we would need only a $4.00 can of spray to replace the high-end products Gateway employs.

Sniffer Dogs:

Some pest control companies use bug sniffing hounds to locate bed bugs. This may work so long as the potential problem is within their reach, however many places often go undetected. Furthermore, this cannot prevent bed bugs from entering the home or business. Unfortunately, if a problem is found you’d have already spent hundreds to thousands — not including the treatment; once the treatment begins, the dog(s) would not be permitted to continue the search due to risk of chemical poisoning until months later when the chemicals have dissipated.

Choose The Right Bed Bug Solution!

Anyone can kill a few pests, however, total eradication of bed bugs from your dwelling requires knowing their biology, survival skills, and how to locate the colony.

Serving New York and New Jersey, Gateway Pest Management is a team of licensed specialists who understand the habits of  bed bugs. Our responsibility is to ensure that your home or business is protected. Gateway’s service is 100% guaranteed or your money back. We will match any competitor’s price!

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