Bees are of inestimable value to the environment, however, it is impractical and possibly dangerous to allow a bee hive near your home.

Wasps are often mistaken as bees, so it is important to identify them correctly as treatments for removal differ.

For your safety, it is important to speak to a pest control expert before attempting to handle the situation personally, as the solution involves removing the hive entirely.

Gateway pest management offers a Free honey bee removal and transport service for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. We will send out a specialist to safely remove and secure the swarm to a safe location. Maybe you’re not sure about what species they are, if not, we will come down to take a look for free, if it turns out they are not honey bees, an estimate will be given for removal and a schedule can be made to return for elimination. Removal of wasps and hornets are removed in the evening when all are inside the nest allowing for 100% elimination.

Decline in Bee Population is Putting Global Food Industry at Risk

Up to $577 billion of world food output depends on bees and other pollinators.

Bees and other pollinators face increasing risks to their survival, threatening foods such as apples, blueberries and coffee worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year, the first global assessment of pollinators showed on Friday.

Pesticides, loss of habitats to farms and cities, disease and climate change were among threats to about 20,000 species of bees as well as creatures such as birds, butterflies, beetles and bats that fertilize flowers by spreading pollen, it said.

“Pollinators are critical to the global economy and human health,” Zakri Abdul Hamid, chair of the 124-nation report, told Reuters of a finding that between $235 billion and $577 billion of world food output at market prices depended on pollinators.  Want to Read more on visit  http://fortune.com/2016/02/26/bees-global-food/

Let’s help bring them back 

Bee keeping has been legalized since 2010 and steadily growing at an average of about 100 mini bee farms per year. Building your own roof top or back yard bee farm comes with a list of responsibilities and concerns. Establishing a Bee hive must be carefully thought out, do you have enough space available as well as flowers that yield enough pollen to sustain them? Actually, the best way to help is to plant as much sweet white Clovers, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme and many more. Too many Bee hives in a surrounding area can be disastrous to the growth of the colony if not enough pollen is available, New York city is in my opinion 80% concrete, steel and asphalt so let’s help bring them back by planting more pollen filled flowers in our roof tops and gardens.